Monday 23 May 2022

Cine Prime web series Official Rajni Kaand produced by Ram Singh Ji

Cine Prime web series Official Rajni Kaand

Cine Prime app back to back releasing new web series with cast beautiful actresses. Now Cine Prime app is ready to release another fantasy web series "Offical Rajni Kaand". The first look poster of the upcoming web series on different social media platforms. Offical Rajni Kaand  web series is produced by producer Ram Singh ji. Ram Singh is known bollywood producer who is producing back to back web series. Before Official Rajni Kaand he has already produced Baba Rancho And Virgin  Bhoot. and Good Girl Brides Night.

producer ram singh

About Producer Ram Singh JiBasically Ram Singh is from Orai, A small town in western, Uttar Pradesh, by profession Ram Singh is a merchant navy professional, traveled all around the world many times seen countries of almost all countries. Now he is into the filmmaking business, so his films will have a mixture of all countries, beautiful locations,  beautiful artists, beautiful scripts. Overall he will make a visually good looking and beautiful appearance to entertain all Indian audiences and He will try to reach out to all Indian diasphora around the world. His target is to produce one content every month for OTT viewers.

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