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Defeating diseases, spreading love and, producing entertainment is Rishabh Puri’s way of life

By Ribha Sood

Life is not meant to be easy; it is not just made for smooth sailing. But after all that it offers, you need to believe that you were made to succeed. And no other story can put across this message more beautifully as that of Rishabh Puri, an NRI with his roots in the city beautiful. Introducing Rishabh has always been difficult because he is so many things put into one. A multifaceted author, a successful entrepreneur, business investor, and producer are a few tags that define his career accomplishments, but he is more than that. Rishabh is an optimist, a lover of love, life, art, and literature, who breathes kindness and compassion amid all his life struggles.


Born on 12 February 1987 in Chandigarh, Rishabh was raised in Nigeria. When he was barely six months old, Rishabh was diagnosed with hyperlipidemia(high cholesterol) and when he was ten, the discovery of a faulty valve in his heart sentenced him to an adolescence of surgeries and doctor’s visits.

Rishabh’s philosophy of life is to live each day to its fullest. While grim situations surrounded him, he chose to keep his focus on the light at the end of each tunnel.

Rishabh started his schooling at an Indian school, before moving to a British School in Lagos, after which, he pursued a degree in Business Administration from the United Kingdom through distance learning. Following this, he completed his master's degree in Business Administration (International Trade) from the UK via distance learning.

rishabh puri Producer


Rishabh, who started working at his father’s company Global Sterling Products Limited, in Nigeria, at the young age of 18 says getting into business was never an agenda. “I did not have an engineering background but the influence of my father, uncle and brothers made me explore a different side to me which I wasn't aware of. And I haven't looked back ever since.”

“We are basically in the field of setting up industrial turnkey projects related to food and beverages, water treatment plants, I am part of our family business. We set up turnkey projects for setting up the food and beverage industries, agro-based industries, etc.,” he added.

Today, Rishabh has become a very accomplished entrepreneur with his spurring businesses in Nigeria, Dubai, UAE, and China.


Rishabh’s interest in the creative field let him explore the entertainment industry. Combining passion and business, he founded a music company titled HSR Entertainment, which is one of the biggies in Chandigarh. A lover of art, Rishabh believes that creativity is a great way to explore life and to encourage people to express themselves. Committed to entertain people and promote talent, Rishabh is always in the process of creating music videos with renowned artists, besides working on projects such as web series. For Rishabh, HSR Entertainment is very close to his heart as it is an attempt to create better content and to rightly channelize the passion of the youth.

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“Writing is something of pure delight to me. It is peace when my mind is troubled, and joy when my path seems dark,” said Rishabh, who believes that writing heals him from within. Till now, Rishabh has penned down several books such as Inside the Heart of Hope (2017), Flying Without Wings (2017), Seductive Affair (2018), Aavya (2019), Forever Yours (2019), and Every Kiss A Poem (2020). His writings majorly revolve around love, hope, romance, emotions, and relationships.

  • Inside the Heart of Hope (2017) is romance fiction. It is a story of strong will, perseverance, and optimism which will make you wonder if the sky is really the limit.
  • Flying Without Wings (2017) is a story about two people in search of true love and how far they are willing to go for the promise of their love. This is a story of hope and joy in times of difficulties and pain.
  • Seductive Affair (2018) is a romance mystery that revolves around the life of Prisha and her work that pushes her into an affair and mystery.
  • Aavya (2019) is the story of love, perseverance, and finding hope in the darkest of times. It unfolds in letters spanning decades; written by those who lived it. At its heart is a hopeless romantic who makes his own World when the World rejects him – Raj.”
  • Forever Yours (2019) is a story about how two people fall for each other, realize it, and through love, support each other in difficult times and still make it to smile brightly through their darkness.
  • Every Kiss A Poem (2020) explains how powerful pure love is. If it is true love, nothing matters, even if the whole world is trying to keep you apart.

Besides creating magic through words, Rishabh is an extrovert who loves to meet new people and explore the world. He is an avid traveler, a supercar enthusiast, and enjoys cooking and watching sitcoms & movies whenever he has time.

Rishabh is an inspiration for all of us as he teaches us to appreciate life and value it even when faced with grim situations. Just as he believes, “A person is just one thought away from living an abundant life,” we must improve our lives by keeping a healthy mindse

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