Sunday 12 September 2021

Newly launched OTT Chaupal Pitaara TV brings joy in a form of the Panchhi- Punjabi Web series

Pitaara TV, emerging to be one of the world’s first Punjabi films channels, recently has launched its latest over-the-top (OTT) cool platform Chaupal, granting unparalleled entrance to quality amazing content for fun and entertainment in that id so three regional languages. These contents are available in languages Punjabi, Haryanvi, and of course very famous Bhojpuri
The idea behind the name of this OTT
Well, the word “Chaupal” purports a community place where people congregate for SOME specific purpose. As you might have heard that Pitaara TV word for this new OTT medium is additionally, one such stage where people articulating different languages, experiences and residing in sections parts of the society. They will come surely together to encounter endless pleasure in the is so the most affordable way feasible.
panchhi web series

Have not heard- more about this!
Chaupal is a unique and new streaming fun entertainment platform that offers the most advanced and modern original, popular and exclusive films, web series, famous podcasts, music, must-watch documentaries and surely the entertainment-based best quality content all over from India and some other parts of the world. To drive meaningful engagement with the audience, Chaupal is investing in generating excellent Punjabi, Haryanvi, and Bhojpuri content. Presently, fans and viewers will be now able to see and stream these upcoming movies and released originals in the most extensive range of categories, kinds, and genres and thus they can enhance their experience with the most appropriate content.
panchhi pn chaupal

Panchhi is one of the 2021 upcoming Punjabi-language based new Indians, which is a crime-thriller film being directed by known director Maneesh Bhatt. It has some amazing star cast including stars like Prince Kanwaljit Singh and Aarushi Sharma in the leading roles. This new film is being produced by the original Chaupal Studios. It was basically officially published and released on the most significant Multi- regional platform of this world, named Chaupal, dated on 29 August 2021.
More details on the film to know of
  • Director Maneesh Bhatt
  • Associate Director- Iqbal Singh Gill
  • Producer - Sandeep Bansal
  • Writer - Harsh Rana
  • DOP - Niraj Singh
  • Music - Score Gurmoh
  • Editor - Rohit Dhiman
  • Production Company - Chaupal Studios
  • Genres- Crime, Thriller
  • Language- Punjabi
  • Release Date - 29 August 2021
  • Running Time - 1h 38min (98 minutes)
  • Platform- Chaupal
IMDb Rating 9.3
Cast and the Cast Role, their character names
  • Prince Kanwaljit Singh - Panchhi
  • Aarushi Sharma - Shalu
  • Ashok Pathak - Gulli
  • Ahen Vani Vatish as Gora
  • Sandeep Malhi as Gora’s Wife
  • Kuldeep Niami as Raja Ram
  • Anju Kapoor as Raja Ram’s Wife
  • Sanju Salonki as Doctor
Story and films Plot
Panchhi is basically turned on the story of this main antagonist, Panchhi (played by Prince Kanwaljit Singh), who is known to be the psychologically distressed person. He then is seen falling in mad love with a beautiful and impressive woman named Shalu (played by Aarushi Sharma). However, this girl Shalu unfortunately does not yield the same love feelings as him. She calls Panchhi one day to meet her and then this story germinates with the most exciting, thrilled and unexpected turn. She is stabbed and killed in this meeting of her with Panchhi, who is composed for the crime behind her death. Police then take him into custody and now he is being charged for Shalu’s murder case. So sad for him. All hell busts lose when this main lead of the film Panchhi goes away from the jail or the Police custody and later also plans and decides to exercise the case in his own abilities.
Well, let us see whether and how this psychologically distressed person, who is failed by the judiciary and police system, tried his best to sets out to resolve the crime and death mystery that has trapped him on his own.
In addition, do you know what?
On its launch celebration time and day, this Chaupal has released as numerous as 12 originals (varieties of films and unique web series). So basically, there are counted to be at least 50 most exclusive shows along with producing more than 300 films offerings. Wow, this is just amazing. This OTT is now gaining to be becoming one of the biggest Punjabi and Bhojpuri film catalogue lists in the business that will further deliver two new more web series and two more new movies each month. I mean this is just getting on our nerves now by ensuring pure and fun entertainment for all of their paid subscribers and no matter when they will going to sign in.
Chaupal produces a new range of several more and more exciting films, created with creativity and enthusiasm, passion and love while combining the different flavors of different populations and precincts of North India and highlighting our biggest stars.

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