Sunday 19 September 2021

Chaupal original Panchhi is a must-watch psychological thriller film

Panchhi web series

By Ribha Sood

Panchhi is a 2021 Punjabi language psychology thriller film directed by Maneesh Bhatt, written by Harsh Rana, and produced by Chaupal Studios. The film stars Prince Kanwaljit in the role of Panchhi, a psychologically distressed man who always has a broad smile on his face and falls in love with Shalu played by Aarushi Sharma. The story takes a twisted turn when Shalu gets murdered, and Panchhi is the main suspect.

The one-of-its-kind movie is available on the Chaupal app, which offers original and exclusive content to its audiences. Chaupal is a new OTT platform that provides viewers more than just action and comedy. Panchhi, a psychological thriller movie, was recently released on Chaupal. Its story is impactful with a strong star cast including Prince Kanwaljit Singh, Aarushi Sharma, Ashok Pathak, Ahen Vani Vatish, Sanju Solanki, Sandeep Malhi, Kuldeep Niami, Kavi Singh, Anju Kapoor, Baljinder Kaur.

Chaupal web series Panchhi

The music is given by Ahen Vani Vatish and the credit for the background score goes to Ghurmohh. The music played in the background when Panchhi sees Shalu brings a different feeling, and it also resonates with Panchhi’s situationship.

Prince Kanwaljit is the star of the movie, and his performance is very refreshing, different from his usual roles. He brilliantly plays the role of a psychopath who crosses all the limits for the sake of his love. Whether it is disgust, love, or hatred, he portrays all emotions at his best. The unanticipated climax is sure to hook the audience till the very end.

Apart from Panchhi’s psychological distress, his emotional outlook is brought out well in the movie, which the viewers can see directly on Chaupal. To experience the psychological thriller, family politics, and unrequited love, watch Panchhi streaming on the Chaupal App.

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