Saturday 18 September 2021

Har Ghadi Mauj (2021) –new Web Series | Ojas Rawal gets willing to host Gujarati Koffee with Karan

Har Ghadi Mauj is a new upcoming Web Serie, which is the Gujarati version of the very popular Koffee with Karan, which is directed by Asif Silavat.
Ojas also hosted "Gujarati Ted Talks" titled MannFiltered
Talking about the host of this version, he is none other than Ojas Rawal who is very popular among the audience after hosting Ted Talks, which is the Gujarati version of course. Well, the Gujarati Ted Talks was named as MannFiltered (mind filtered), and now the actor is ready to exercise on the part once again with Har Ghadi Mauj (delight in each moment).
Talking of the trailer
The trailer was unveiled sometime after. Inviting stars on the web show, Ojas plays different games with them. The clip of the latest released trailer of the show precedes Ojas performing a rapid-fire round with the participants. These members were also seen performing guess the term. The actor-turned-host also experimented with their taste buds on his show and so introduced "schezwan Oreo." Ojas was further seen asking Devaki regarding nepotism. He changed the question around and asked her who is the dominating among the clan.
Asif Silavat directs this
The inaugural season of the web show marks Dhwani Gautam, Aditi Raval, Aishwarya Majumdar, RJ Akash, and RJ Devaki as the guests. Asif himself is producing the web series.
The release date
The date for the release of this Har Ghadi Mauj is still to be announced. While, if the spectators wish to see Ojas's entertaining skills, they could move back and follow MannFiltered's MannFiltered’s entire episode, where he hosted a round board with the guests.
Full details about the cast
  • RJ Devaki
  • Dhwani Gautam
  • Aditi Raval
  • RJ Akash
  • Aishwarya Majumdar
Director Asif Silavat Producer Asif Silavat
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