Tuesday 8 June 2021

ALTBalaji's Ekta Kapoor's announces her birthday return gift announcing The Queens of Chambal! Excited?

The Queens of Chambal

Ekta Kapoor's iconic birthday return gift to her fans and viewers; which made her declare with an artsy picture of one of the much-awaited The Queens of Chambal on her ALTBalaji app!
Today is the birthday of the Content queen Ekta Kapoor and she is celebrating her born day in a different way. As the bday girl turns one more year older, she has provided her followers and fans with a special gift. This special return gift is a new upcoming show that is known to be really close to her heart, and she is willing to bestow it to her fans. TV queen and now of course an OTT mistress, Ekta Kapoor, is all set to produce 'The Queens of Chambal', which is an exciting tale of gals from the heart areas of Chambal. A show, which celebrates two main female protagonists that are set in some backdrop of Chambal and this, really is sounding like something all of us have been idling for.
The OTT queen Ekta Kapoor has released the poster herself on her Instagram handle while stating this big-ticket project. Promoted to be the following big shows on the digital area, The Queens of Chambal appears to be a super action-packed drama tied with power and passions and will stream on none other than the ALTBalaji. The recently released poster, with a graphical representation, gives us the sight of something like what the show is going to be about. Two hot and strong-headed women rule and guide the unless patriarchal gangdom of the known area Chambal. In this poster, we can see these two women, apparently, gal pals, lying on a pile of lifeless bodies with their big rifles in place and having a huge laugh. Not that we all enjoy blood baths, but we won't deny that we also do enjoy those EKTA'S badass gals on screen.
Dropping the interesting poster, the handle of ALTBalaji pronounced as AA rahe hain Ratna Devi aur Menka, jald hi on #ALTBalaji!
Now, this looks like the badass best return gift content queen could return to her fans on her big day. We all understand that streaming bulk ALTBalaji has been beating out content lately with back to back same as nobody in the industry. With a range of super hit shows from The Married Woman to the recent hit third season of Broken but Beautiful, ALTBalaji is really on a successful height. With the streaming OTT platform having various shows in the coming pipeline, the fans have been eagerly waiting for more.
In addition, this latest The Queens of Chambal appear to be next to a perfect show to extend their winning band. We have seldom witnessed female dacoits on TV screens, notwithstanding there being a rare one. So to enjoy not just one, though these two female badass hot gangsters on the mainstream are something interesting.
Writer Siddhika Prajapati

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