Saturday 19 June 2021

Grahan trailer: A heart-touching father-daughter tale with a brutal past

garhan disney plus hotstar web series

The much known Ranjan Chandel directs a web series that revolves around a heart-touching father- daughter tale with a brutal past. The series Grahan stars Zoya Hussain, Pavan Malhotra, Anshuman Pushkar, Teekam Joshi, Sahidur Rahman, and Wamiqa Gabbi.
The tumults of 1984 that caught place after the killing of Prime Minister back then Indira Gandhi have overcome interesting of the deepest secrets of some recent Indian antiquity and the future web series Grahan grasps that pivotal event as the tripping-off feature for its story.
Disney plus Hotstar originals Specials very recently launched the new trailer of the series Grahan, which stars Pavan Malhotra, Anshuman Pushkar, Zoya Hussain, Wamiqa Gabbi, Sahidur Rahman, and Teekam Joshi in the lead. Sparked by the famous novel Chaurasi, the tale crosses two lives set aside by three of the known decades but united by a harsh truth.
This trailer begins with a youthful IPS Officer Amrita Singh (played by Hussain) being given a unique case from history, only to realise that her dad Gursevak has been arrested for a horrendous crime. Split between her job and love for her dad, Amrita would have gone through a troublesome time analyzing to resolve the strangeness that will form darkness in her private and professional career.
The eight long-episode web series is made under the direction of Ranjan Chandel along with Shailendra Jha being the showrunner. The series has remained bankrolled by the known Jar Pictures.
garhan web series

Speaking about Grahan, Pavan Malhotra stated in one of the statement, that a wholesome love story, a gripping mystery, a complicated web of passions, but importantly Grahan is the quest for the real and harsh truth. He has been lucky enough to be a member of many films and several TV shows in his career, but this series is really a personal favourite to him because of its powerful story. The subject is –
what mystery is his character named Gursevak lurking from the excess of the society? It is a great-made fabricated web series and he really thinks that the public will surely appreciate the tale, which they have sought to weave.
Zoya Hussain, who is all prepared to make her OTT debut with this Disney Plus Hotstar Originals Specials web series, also added, that Grahan is all about emotional cum loving disturbance when research gets too special. Watchers will perceive the story straighten from her character Amrita’s eyepiece. The interpersonal several dynamics of all the personalities, the practice and this nuanced writing are what presents it starkly strange than any different show in the OTT world. The process the narrative moves between parts while entertaining real passions is what appends to the whole of the show's charm.
Well, the web series is starting on June 24, which you can watch on Disney plus Hotstar.
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