Wednesday 13 May 2020

Bhootiyagiri Web Series on MX PLAYER Cast, Salary, Photo, Wiki and Other Details

Online streaming platform MXPLayer released a drama & lcomedy Hindi web series "Bhootiyagiri" Season 3 from 14th May 2020.
Story: Official Bhootiyagiri is a gripping drama-comedy series featuring Dilawar Rana, a man with such sharp business acumen that he manages to launch a successful startup even from the confines of jail. But when he is offered a shady deal to stay out of jail is when that very acumen is put to a stringent test! All he must do is run a dodgy hotel owned by his family and make it profitable. Sounds simple, right? Of course, there's a catch! The hotel is haunted and also the very source of Dilawar’s deeply rooted social anxiety disorder! How far will Dilawar's CEO skills go, to save a bankrupt hotel? Will his own fears win over the horrid horrors of the hotel he suddenly finds onhis hands?

वेब सीरीज भूतियागिरी डिटेल्स

Start Date May 14, 2020
GenreThriller | Lust
Language Hindi
Origin Country
BannerArre Presents

MX PLAYER web series Bhootiyagiri cast(s)

no image Sumeet Vyas
no image Pranay Manchanda
no image Eisha Chopra
no image Sujata Sehgal
no image Mohan Kapur
no image Udita Bhalla
no image Ajay Kumar Singh
no image Naveen Prabhakar

Bhootiyagiri makers

no image Vishwajoy MukherjeeDirector

Bhootiyagiri Season 3 Web series Trailer

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