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Paramavatar Shri Krishna TV Serial on & TV Full Star Casts, Timing, News, Picture and Others

Paramavatar Shri Krishna TV Serial on & TV

Popular Serial Paramavatar Shri Krishna storyline

Paramavatar Shri Krishna is a popular mythological serial on & TV channel running on Monday to Friday 08.30 PM. This serial started on 19th June 2017 and launched in the ISCON Temple. This serial is about jouney of Lord Sri Krishna. Lead role(s) are Nirnay Samadhiya, Manish Wadhwa, Sachin Shroff and Vishal Karwa.

हिंदी धरावाहिक परम अवतार श्री कृष्णा डिटेल्स

Start Date Jun 19, 2017
Season 1
Running DaysMonday to Friday
Running Time08:30 PM
Origin Country India

& TV serial Paramavatar Shri Krishna star cast(s)

no image Vishal Karwal as Lord Vishnu
no image Nirnay Samadhiya as Child Shri Krishna
no image Gungun Uprari as Yashoda
no image Sachin Shroff as Nand Baba
no image Neha Sargam as Lakshmi
no image Gulki Joshi as Devaki
no image Chaitanya Chaudhary as Vasudev
no image Manish Wadhwa as Kans
no image Raj Singh as Narad
no image Romanch Singh as

Paramavatar Shri Krishna crew members

Paramavatar Shri Krishna Promo

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