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Porus Serial on Sony TV Full Star Casts, Timing, News, Picture and Others

Popular Serial Porus storyline

Porus is a popular Indian history period drama serial coming on Sony Entertainment TV channel. This serial is created by Historical period drama created and produced by Siddhartha Kumar Tewary popularly known as TV's mythological king. Lead role(s) are Laksh Lalwani as Porus, Rohit Purohit as Alexander/Sikandar, Rati Pandey as Queen Anusuya, Sameksha as Queen Olympia and Suhani Dhanki as Porus' Wife and many others.
Porus was a king of the Pauravas whose kingdom situated in the region between the Jhelum and Chenab rivers that is now in Punjab. Porus fought against "Alexander the Great" in the battle of the Hydaspes. Alexander was however greatly impressed by his adversary and not only reinstated him as a satrap of his own kingdom but also granted him dominion over lands to the south-east extending until the Beas. After Alexander's death in 323 BC, Porus was assassinated by one of Alexander's generals named Eudemus sometime between 321 and 315 BC.
So Many TV serial launched by different channels where Porus role played by different actors like Arun Bali in the 1991 Chanakya (TV series), Porus appears in the 1999 animated series Reign, Porus is portrayed by the Thai actor, Bin Bunluerit, in Alexander (2004), in the 2011 Chandragupta Maurya (TV series) now Sony TV is launching a new serial about Porus.
Porus is Mega Budget show according to media report approx Rs 500 crore. The 260-episode show cost more than 1 crore for each episode, which is a first for any Indian show.

हिंदी धरावाहिक पोरस डिटेल्स

Start Date Nov 27, 2017
GenreIndian soap opera Indian history
Season 1
Running DaysMonday to Friday
Running Time08:30 PM
Origin Country India

Sony Entertainment TV serial Porus star cast(s)

Laksh Laksh Lalwani as Porus
no image Suhani Dhanki as Porus' Wife
no image Rohit Purohit as King Alexander
Rati Rati Pandey as Queen Anusuiya
no image Rohit Roy as
Praneet Praneet Bhat as Darius
no image Mohit Abrol as
no image Akanksha Juneja as
no image Chirag Madhukant Jani as Dasyu King

Porus crew members

no image Created BySiddhartha Kumar Tewary
no image Action DirectorNung
no image Siddharth Kumar TewaryProducer
Production company Swastik Productions,

Porus Promo/Trailer

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