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Har Ghadi Mauj (2021) –new Web Series | Ojas Rawal gets willing to host Gujarati Koffee  with Karan

Har Ghadi Mauj is a new upcoming Web Serie, which is the Gujarati version of the very popular Koffee with Karan, which is directed by Asif Silavat.
Ojas also hosted "Gujarati Ted Talks" titled MannFiltered
Talking about the host of this version, he is none other than Ojas Rawal who is very popular among the audience after hosting Ted Talks, which is the Gujarati version of course. Well, the Gujarati Ted Talks was named as MannFiltered (mind filtered), and now the actor is ready to exercise on the part once again with Har Ghadi Mauj (delight in each moment).
Talking of the trailer
The trailer was unveiled sometime after. Inviting stars on the web show, Ojas plays different games with them. The clip of the latest released trailer of the show precedes Ojas performing a rapid-fire round with the participants. These members were also seen performing guess the term. The actor-turned-host also experimented with their taste buds on his show and so introduced "schezwan Oreo." Ojas was further seen asking Devaki regarding nepotism. He changed the question around and asked her who is the dominating among the clan.
Asif Silavat directs this
The inaugural season of the web show marks Dhwani Gautam, Aditi Raval, Aishwarya Majumdar, RJ Akash, and RJ Devaki as the guests. Asif himself is producing the web series.
The release date
The date for the release of this Har Ghadi Mauj is still to be announced. While, if the spectators wish to see Ojas's entertaining skills, they could move back and follow MannFiltered's MannFiltered’s entire episode, where he hosted a round board with the guests.
Full details about the cast
  • RJ Devaki
  • Dhwani Gautam
  • Aditi Raval
  • RJ Akash
  • Aishwarya Majumdar
Director Asif Silavat Producer Asif Silavat
Lamex Timewear

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Shiddat movie : By kunal deshmukh first time with new star casts
siddat movie disney plus hotstar

Disney plus Hotstar has released the trailer of its upcoming movie “Shiddat". Shiddat movie is a typical Indian romantic film with astounding storyline and great cinematography. The trailer of the movie Reveals the two parallel love stories which somehow are associated with each other.

Shiddat movie starcast :

Talking about the star cast of Shiddat. Here are Sunny Kaushal and Radhika Madan as the leading actors and actresses of the film. Mohit Raina and Diana Penty are the stunning resembling couples performed in the film. Shiddat music is really heart touching and promising. Magical and inspiring music escorts a romantic movie to the next level. Shiddat is directed by Kunal Deshmukh. This is the first time that Kunal Deshmukh came up to direct someone other than Imran Hashmi. If we talk about the history of the director then he has directed movies like Jannat, Jannat 2, Tum Mile and so on which had Imraan Hashmi in the lead roles. This is the first time Kunal took on a different star cast which is another exposure of excitement in the movie.

Shiddat story seems extremely imaginative with the two lovey-dovey couples :

Recently a Shiddat trailer has been released which has elevated the Expectations of the viewers. The movie revolves around the two romantic couples. Their stories can be relatable with each other due to different reasons. In the conception, a usual love story develops between Radhika Madan and Sunny Kaushal. Radhika Madan is already engaged but still fell in love with Sunny Kaushal. Subsequently, the story becomes more intense when Sunny leaves to pursue Radhika and wants Radhika in his life forever. Then a parallel love story of Mohit Raina and Diana Penty is seen where Mohit Raina and Sunny are noticed to be relatable. In this way the cinematography of the movie is marvelous in the trailer which hopefully will be seen as more fascinating in the movie.

siddat movie
Hotstar' movie Shiddat release date :

The film will undoubtedly be released on 1st October 2021. You can get the movie only on Disney Plus hotstar premier. Late will be running on to other platforms.

Writer Pragati Sen

Defeating diseases, spreading love and, producing entertainment is Rishabh Puri’s way of life
By Ribha Sood

Life is not meant to be easy; it is not just made for smooth sailing. But after all that it offers, you need to believe that you were made to succeed. And no other story can put across this message more beautifully as that of Rishabh Puri, an NRI with his roots in the city beautiful. Introducing Rishabh has always been difficult because he is so many things put into one. A multifaceted author, a successful entrepreneur, business investor, and producer are a few tags that define his career accomplishments, but he is more than that. Rishabh is an optimist, a lover of love, life, art, and literature, who breathes kindness and compassion amid all his life struggles.


Born on 12 February 1987 in Chandigarh, Rishabh was raised in Nigeria. When he was barely six months old, Rishabh was diagnosed with hyperlipidemia(high cholesterol) and when he was ten, the discovery of a faulty valve in his heart sentenced him to an adolescence of surgeries and doctor’s visits.

Rishabh’s philosophy of life is to live each day to its fullest. While grim situations surrounded him, he chose to keep his focus on the light at the end of each tunnel.

Rishabh started his schooling at an Indian school, before moving to a British School in Lagos, after which, he pursued a degree in Business Administration from the United Kingdom through distance learning. Following this, he completed his master's degree in Business Administration (International Trade) from the UK via distance learning.

rishabh puri Producer


Rishabh, who started working at his father’s company Global Sterling Products Limited, in Nigeria, at the young age of 18 says getting into business was never an agenda. “I did not have an engineering background but the influence of my father, uncle and brothers made me explore a different side to me which I wasn't aware of. And I haven't looked back ever since.”

“We are basically in the field of setting up industrial turnkey projects related to food and beverages, water treatment plants, I am part of our family business. We set up turnkey projects for setting up the food and beverage industries, agro-based industries, etc.,” he added.

Today, Rishabh has become a very accomplished entrepreneur with his spurring businesses in Nigeria, Dubai, UAE, and China.


Rishabh’s interest in the creative field let him explore the entertainment industry. Combining passion and business, he founded a music company titled HSR Entertainment, which is one of the biggies in Chandigarh. A lover of art, Rishabh believes that creativity is a great way to explore life and to encourage people to express themselves. Committed to entertain people and promote talent, Rishabh is always in the process of creating music videos with renowned artists, besides working on projects such as web series. For Rishabh, HSR Entertainment is very close to his heart as it is an attempt to create better content and to rightly channelize the passion of the youth.

Rishabh Puri NRI

“Writing is something of pure delight to me. It is peace when my mind is troubled, and joy when my path seems dark,” said Rishabh, who believes that writing heals him from within. Till now, Rishabh has penned down several books such as Inside the Heart of Hope (2017), Flying Without Wings (2017), Seductive Affair (2018), Aavya (2019), Forever Yours (2019), and Every Kiss A Poem (2020). His writings majorly revolve around love, hope, romance, emotions, and relationships.

  • Inside the Heart of Hope (2017) is romance fiction. It is a story of strong will, perseverance, and optimism which will make you wonder if the sky is really the limit.
  • Flying Without Wings (2017) is a story about two people in search of true love and how far they are willing to go for the promise of their love. This is a story of hope and joy in times of difficulties and pain.
  • Seductive Affair (2018) is a romance mystery that revolves around the life of Prisha and her work that pushes her into an affair and mystery.
  • Aavya (2019) is the story of love, perseverance, and finding hope in the darkest of times. It unfolds in letters spanning decades; written by those who lived it. At its heart is a hopeless romantic who makes his own World when the World rejects him – Raj.”
  • Forever Yours (2019) is a story about how two people fall for each other, realize it, and through love, support each other in difficult times and still make it to smile brightly through their darkness.
  • Every Kiss A Poem (2020) explains how powerful pure love is. If it is true love, nothing matters, even if the whole world is trying to keep you apart.

Besides creating magic through words, Rishabh is an extrovert who loves to meet new people and explore the world. He is an avid traveler, a supercar enthusiast, and enjoys cooking and watching sitcoms & movies whenever he has time.

Rishabh is an inspiration for all of us as he teaches us to appreciate life and value it even when faced with grim situations. Just as he believes, “A person is just one thought away from living an abundant life,” we must improve our lives by keeping a healthy mindse

For more insights, follow Rishabh Puri on Facebook:

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Kya meri sonam Gupta bewafa hai movie : A hilarious watchable Indian comedy film
Kya meri sonam Gupta bewafa hai movie

Kya meri sonam Gupta bewafa hai story : Kya Meri Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hai is a new Indian comedy film which is a first debut of Surbhi Jyoti and the last movie of the stunning actress Surekha Sikri in the Bollywood. The movie is framed up on the very popular meme about Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hai. The title of the movie is so catchy that the movie is getting so much of recognition. Few years back everyone of us heard about the very popular and viral news “Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hai". This meme has put a big question mark in front of every girl named Sonam Gupta. The writer and director Saurabh Tyagi has brought up this story in his own charming manner in his movie kya meri Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hai.
Cast Of Zee5 movie Kya meri sonam Gupta bewafa hai :
In this movie of Saurabh Tyagi, Jassi Gill is playing a lead role as Sintoo. This is the second movie of Jassi Gill after panga in Bollywood and Surbhi Jyoti, who is a big name in the television industry, plays the character of Sonam Gupta. Surbhi Jyoti is giving a big debut with this film in Bollywood. Vijay Raaz ,Brijendra Kala, Atul Srivastava and Surekha Sikri are some very famous personalities. They are the supporting cast of the movie.
Kya meri sonam Gupta bewafa hai movie actress
Kya meri sonam gupta bewafa hai-riview
After watching the trailer the story line and the creativity of the movie e is seen as similar as Bareilly ki barfi and Shubh Mangal Savdhan the film is directed in the real locations the first half of the movie is extremely hilarious with exciting storyline the film delivers absolutely amazing music with astonishing special effects.
Kya meri sonam Gupta bewafa hai movie actor

The story centres around Sonam Gupta and Sintoo. Both the characters feel a sense of love and connectivity with each other and wish to get married. Surbhi Jyoti as Sonam Gupta has been given the tag of the prettiest girl in Bareilly. Jassi Gill as Sintoo is shown as a very decent and simple guy while Sonam Gupta is so ambitious about her dreams. Sonam gupta suddenly leaves sintoo alone and he becomes a dejected lover. Sintoo expresses his emotions on a currency note which goes vigorously popular and provokes everyone. Now what was the thought behind the saying kya meri Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hai? In order to get the answer, you must have to watch the movie and enjoy the exciting story by Sourabh Tyagi.

Where to enjoy this new Indian comedy movie?
Presently you can enjoy and be amused by the movie kya Meri Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hai running on zee5.
Writer Pragati Sen

Newly launched OTT Chaupal Pitaara TV brings joy in a  form of the Panchhi- Punjabi Web series

Pitaara TV, emerging to be one of the world’s first Punjabi films channels, recently has launched its latest over-the-top (OTT) cool platform Chaupal, granting unparalleled entrance to quality amazing content for fun and entertainment in that id so three regional languages. These contents are available in languages Punjabi, Haryanvi, and of course very famous Bhojpuri
The idea behind the name of this OTT
Well, the word “Chaupal” purports a community place where people congregate for SOME specific purpose. As you might have heard that Pitaara TV word for this new OTT medium is additionally, one such stage where people articulating different languages, experiences and residing in sections parts of the society. They will come surely together to encounter endless pleasure in the is so the most affordable way feasible.
panchhi web series

Have not heard- more about this!
Chaupal is a unique and new streaming fun entertainment platform that offers the most advanced and modern original, popular and exclusive films, web series, famous podcasts, music, must-watch documentaries and surely the entertainment-based best quality content all over from India and some other parts of the world. To drive meaningful engagement with the audience, Chaupal is investing in generating excellent Punjabi, Haryanvi, and Bhojpuri content. Presently, fans and viewers will be now able to see and stream these upcoming movies and released originals in the most extensive range of categories, kinds, and genres and thus they can enhance their experience with the most appropriate content.
panchhi pn chaupal

Panchhi is one of the 2021 upcoming Punjabi-language based new Indians, which is a crime-thriller film being directed by known director Maneesh Bhatt. It has some amazing star cast including stars like Prince Kanwaljit Singh and Aarushi Sharma in the leading roles. This new film is being produced by the original Chaupal Studios. It was basically officially published and released on the most significant Multi- regional platform of this world, named Chaupal, dated on 29 August 2021.
More details on the film to know of
  • Director Maneesh Bhatt
  • Associate Director- Iqbal Singh Gill
  • Producer - Sandeep Bansal
  • Writer - Harsh Rana
  • DOP - Niraj Singh
  • Music - Score Gurmoh
  • Editor - Rohit Dhiman
  • Production Company - Chaupal Studios
  • Genres- Crime, Thriller
  • Language- Punjabi
  • Release Date - 29 August 2021
  • Running Time - 1h 38min (98 minutes)
  • Platform- Chaupal
IMDb Rating 9.3
Cast and the Cast Role, their character names
  • Prince Kanwaljit Singh - Panchhi
  • Aarushi Sharma - Shalu
  • Ashok Pathak - Gulli
  • Ahen Vani Vatish as Gora
  • Sandeep Malhi as Gora’s Wife
  • Kuldeep Niami as Raja Ram
  • Anju Kapoor as Raja Ram’s Wife
  • Sanju Salonki as Doctor
Story and films Plot
Panchhi is basically turned on the story of this main antagonist, Panchhi (played by Prince Kanwaljit Singh), who is known to be the psychologically distressed person. He then is seen falling in mad love with a beautiful and impressive woman named Shalu (played by Aarushi Sharma). However, this girl Shalu unfortunately does not yield the same love feelings as him. She calls Panchhi one day to meet her and then this story germinates with the most exciting, thrilled and unexpected turn. She is stabbed and killed in this meeting of her with Panchhi, who is composed for the crime behind her death. Police then take him into custody and now he is being charged for Shalu’s murder case. So sad for him. All hell busts lose when this main lead of the film Panchhi goes away from the jail or the Police custody and later also plans and decides to exercise the case in his own abilities.
Well, let us see whether and how this psychologically distressed person, who is failed by the judiciary and police system, tried his best to sets out to resolve the crime and death mystery that has trapped him on his own.
In addition, do you know what?
On its launch celebration time and day, this Chaupal has released as numerous as 12 originals (varieties of films and unique web series). So basically, there are counted to be at least 50 most exclusive shows along with producing more than 300 films offerings. Wow, this is just amazing. This OTT is now gaining to be becoming one of the biggest Punjabi and Bhojpuri film catalogue lists in the business that will further deliver two new more web series and two more new movies each month. I mean this is just getting on our nerves now by ensuring pure and fun entertainment for all of their paid subscribers and no matter when they will going to sign in.
Chaupal produces a new range of several more and more exciting films, created with creativity and enthusiasm, passion and love while combining the different flavors of different populations and precincts of North India and highlighting our biggest stars.

Dinky Kapoor Wiki Biography, Age, Height, Affairs, Serials, movies, music and More
Dinky Kapoor Wiki Biography
Dinky Kapoor is an actress who works in Bollywood movie, web series and ad shoot. She debuted herself in Bollywood movie Kya kool hain hum 3 (in 2016) as Tushar Kappor secretary. Dinky Kapoor also worked in Alt Balaji and Prime flix web series.

Dinky Kapoor Biography

Nick Name
Occupation Actress | Model
Debut Movie/Album Kya kool hain hum 3 (in 2016)
Year From Active 2016

Dinky Kapoor Personal Information

Date of birth
Birth place Aurangabad, Maharashtra
Current City Mumbai, Maharashtra
Current Address Aurangabad, Maharashtra
Languages(s) Hindi | English | Marathi
Zodiac Sign Leo
Hobbies Sign Traveling
Height 5 feet 4 inch
Weight 55 kg
Color Fair
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown

Dinky Kapoor Family

Father Name Mahendar Kapoor (Businessman)
Mother NameRekha Kapoor (housewife)
Brother Name
Sister Mona Kapoor, Teena Kapoor and Dimple Kapoor
About Kids

Dinky Kapoor Girl Friend/Affairs/Marital Status

Marriage Day
Spouse Name

Dinky Kapoor Education and Award(s)

Education MIT Aurangabad, Maharashtra

Dinky Kapoor Social Media & Websites

Official Website No

Dinky Kapoor Favorites

Favorite Actor Saif Ali Khan
Favorite Actress karina Kapoor
Favorite Sports Tenis
Favorite Film
Favorite Song
Favorite Singer Arjit Singh
Favorite Car
Favorite Bike

Dinky Kapoor Salary/Per Film Charges

td> movie td> movie td>web series td> Alt Balaji
Salary/Per film/album charges Depend on work
Kya kool hai hum 3
Beer Boys and Vodka Girls

Dinky Kapoor popular serials list

Tag Dinky Kapoor Actress Dinky Kapoor Web Series Dinky Kapoor Movies Dinky Kapoor Ad Shoots Dinky Kapoor video Dinky Kapoor full video download Dinky Kapoor Vodka Boys and Beer Girl Dinky Kapoor MastizadeDinky Kapoor Wallpaper Dinky Kapoor Photo Dinky Kapoor Hot

Dinky Kapoor beer boys and vodka girls

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Dinky Kapoor bollyood-actress

Dinky Kapoor gallery

Dinky Kapoor image

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Dinky Kapoor photo

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Dinky Kapoor web series

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Let’s celebrate Dangal TV very popular show Prem Bandhan that grabbed huge attention
Prem Bandhan Dangal tv
Prem Bandhan is one of the known and famous of its time, an Indian drama TV series that broadcasted from 30 November 2020 until 9 June 2021 set on Dangal TV. Initially, this show is titled "Koshish- Rishton Ki"; it was later titled "Prem Bandhan.” The thought of the show is premised on "Koshish- Ek Aashaa.” Dangal TV has brought to life a tale of a self-righteous girl who determines the true essence of a connection. Being Produced by Balaji Telefilms, ‘this got to premiere at 7:30 pm solely on Dangal TV.
The first teaser of this show came on 14 November 2020. Therefore, it was entirely revolving around a mystery displaying the voyage and efforts of a simple, self-hypocritical, and respectable small-town girl, named Janki Srivastav, who holds in voicing her estimation against people who use their influence to get off with things.
Often split between loyalties towards her family and holding up for justice, Janki settles herself in a restricted marital alliance with the ambiguous Harsh Shashtri. Prem Bandhan signifies Dangal TV’s maiden link with Balaji Telefilms strengthening the channels confinement to offer premium entertainment. Changing the shape of the Indian entertainment area, and supported with its ever- growing closeness, dangal had continued to redefine family recreation through their captivating stories and different characters.
Talking about the development, Manish Singhal, Managing Director said... Talking about the development, Manish Singhal, Managing Director said that they are dedicated to creating a substance that is imperative and echo with spectators. It is our continuous endeavor to wait ahead of the drop by increasing our position and proceed to bring in programs that are imperative for our audiences.

They are provided toward providing premium material by collaborating with industry leaders; this association with Balaji Telefilms is another step forward in our responsibility to provide our spectators with premium and society entertainment. They are very enthusiastic about this latest launch and see forward to continuing our content structure across the practice.
Prem Bandhan is made on a novel about a little-town woman who is transmitted with no choice but to be honest when life passes questions at her. It is the story of Janki’s experience as she strives to overcome and emerging as the winner.
Main aim was to reveal an interesting tale of moral and ethical Janki Srivastav With ‘Prem Bandhan’, the maker's main aim was to reveal an interesting tale of moral and ethical Janki Srivastav, who pushes the sole responsibility of her house, which was in a crisis when she admits to marrying Harsh Shashtri who has a mysterious past. The audience were convinced that the show’s theory interests and fascinates observers, and they represented a part of Janki’s purpose. Placed upon the setting of Darbhanga in Bihar, the show Prem Bandhan hunted for the consciousness of Janki Srivastav whose existence revolves around her origins and fulfilling their specifications while admiring her own perceptions. Although indicating to a lower-middle-class family, Janaki succeeded to receive an accounting stand at one of the country’s kindest mobile phone organisations.
Prem Bandhan features Manit Joura and Chhavi Pandey in lead roles
other Cast: Ariah Agarwal, Vineet Kumar, Monica Khanna, Bakul Thakkar, Utkarsha Naik, Saarvi Omana, Amit Singh Thakur, Tushar Dhembla, Aman Gandhi, Avantika Chaudhary, Kiran Bhargava, Ruma Rajni My integrity is a by-product – Manit Joura on playing Harsh in Prem Bandhan There are actors who comprise their character and escape into a character. There remain some who are precisely the inverse of what is depicted on-screen. At events, directors of the show are on the scene for actors who control certain traits to the character which present the on-screen description more natural attention. This was precisely what befell Manit Joura, who was the main lead and was last seen in Dangal TV’s show Prem Bandhan.
Talking about the same, the artist shared that he felt grateful that the show's makers saw something good in him, which was why his character Harsh was offered to him. He was intentionally did not want to think about connections because if he was too preoccupied with them then they might just disappear out so he did not do that. The outline given to him by the show's director and producers was to hold the innocence unimpaired. It either happened or did not come. The actor did not work on that simplicity; it is a by-result. He did leave it up to the public to decide that the essence of his character though yes there were always similarities since at the end of the time he was playing the role.
Natural or not Manit's show's character Harsh has already grabbed a lot of audience recognition from Prem Bandhan. However, the show sadly ended on 9 June 2021, which has let the fans feeling demotivated. We hope to see the second season ASAP!
Everything we can Reinforce That Netflix’s ‘Sex  Education’ F*cks
sex education season 3 netflix web spw
School is once again back in a new session starting from September 17. ‘Sex Education’ is one of the tardiest in an emerging class of sex-positive sex dramas that undertake what it means to be aroused in the 21st Century. Why that law, and our analysis.
Sex Education is again coming back to us here to bestow you a good experience and educate you on how to unlock and open up. Additionally, it is one of the most loved and the best Netflix Originals to appear out in the coming months.
Since the Netflix content deluge is original, knowing what is real and worth performing to has mostly become a thing of how many friends, mutual, and friends tell you to see something. This is someone I believe told me to see Sex Education. The binge watching so-called was not drawn (is it ever?), but serve it to say I transmitted Gillian Anderson’s those pantsuits into my careful eyeballs as though my survival depended on it.
Sex Education hubs on Otis (played by Asa Butterfield), a completely awkward teen being in rural Britain with his mother (played by Gillian Anderson). She works as a sex and relationship treatment doctor in her clinic in something I can only call a sex chalet; it is pleasant, glasses of red wine abound, and each wall is decorated with smut. I want to move there.

Sincere situational comedy succeeds
Notwithstanding (and in section because) of his mom’s bold openness about fucking, Otis has a complex and mostly non-existent relationship with his own sensuality. As if that powerful were not tricky sufficient, he discovers that, he is really quite good at delivering sex advice, notwithstanding not even staying able to feel himself. With the aid of a classmate (played by Emma Mackey), cool behind her years, he reluctantly turns his common sex and hookup knowledge into a profession and becomes his school’s very popular underground sex therapist. Sincere situational comedy succeeds.
Butterfield gives a completely nuanced take on what this delicate teen frustration Butterfield gives a completely nuanced take on what this delicate teen frustration can seem like. Lest we ignore: anger can develop in soft verbal, well-dressed, charming packages. He is kind of a tiny, more likeable, Mark Corrigan. Moreover, unlike other usual cookie-cutter excitable pupils, Maeve (played by Mackey)’s suffering feels restricted and three-dimensional. Her financial difference from her wealthy peers is more than simply flavor extract; it interests who she is and the choices she makes and is also foregrounded through this series. Ncuti Gatwa’s play as Eric, a gregarious streak of sunshine and Otis’ best mate, is excellent. Queer, black, and threatened, Eric’s story takes a dark spin around the mid- season point. Without destroying anything, answer to say that what appears to Eric and the difference it creates in him transmits a strong impact. However, whether a powerful impact based on the pain and suffering of marginalized communities is in itself a basic thing is up for discussion.
Mark my words
Sex Education’s other supporting cast is mostly assembled out of starting-timers, and they beat it out of the place. Inappropriate, Aimee Lou Wood is just mind-bogglingly and charming being Aimee Gibbs, a prosperous popular girl who is really a pleasure-seeking beloved. She is the main one to watch out for.

sex education season 3 in hindi

Mark my words.
Why people are waiting, as this Sex Education is a bold frank show
Sex Education is a bold frank show about the requirement for interaction and understanding in light of the messiness of delicate topic sex. There is cringe in the appropriate places, and its great sincere swings usually land. That it manages effortlessly to be genuine and clever within, not notwithstanding, of its raunchiness is a pleasure and in no meagre part owing to its immense empathy for youngsters. Because if being a teen with changing mood swings and hormones and no so-called rulebook was hard sufficient: cellphones now endure documenting the entire thing. Exceptional.
Sex Education fucks exactly in its own benefit, but it also prompted me of some other programs in my Netflix queue. That begs the issue: do we have a class on our hands?
Accounts about attacking sexuality have not been always sex-positive. They have not perpetually made space for approval, sexual health, and of course female preference. This is a kind by and for adults explaining the story of what it intends to be horny in the 21st era. Cruising sex and other human movements in the Information period Age is absurd. No other age has had to consider with nudes dripping on Snapchat.
What more excellent way to process a metaphorical and literal clusterfuck than within stories? To re- write the stories we hoped we had had, that we still expect to hear and that we require passing on.
Let us wait, as School is once again back in a new session starting from September 17.

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Chaupal OTT Platform

Pitaara TV, the world’s first Punjabi movies channel, today launched its new over-the-top (OTT) platform Chaupal, providing unparalleled access to quality content for entertainment in three regional languages- Punjabi, Haryanvi, and Bhojpuri. The word “Chaupal” signifies a community space where people gather for a specific purpose. Pitaara TV’s OTT is also one such platform where people speaking different languages and residing in different areas/countries will come together to experience endless entertainment in the most affordable way possible. 'Chaupal: Entertainment Beyond Boundaries' is an endeavor to make online entertainment truly seamless for audiences anywhere, anytime.


Chaupal is a new streaming entertainment service that offers the latest and popular original and exclusive movies, web series, podcasts, music, documentaries and entertainment-based content from India and the world. To drive meaningful engagement with the audience, Chaupal is investing in generating world-class Punjabi, Haryanvi, and Bhojpuri content. Now, viewers will be able to stream movies and originals in widest range of categories and genres and enrich their experience with the most relevant content. On its launch day, Chaupal has released as many as 12 originals (films and web series), 50 exclusives along with providing more than 300 movie offerings. The OTT with the largest Punjabi and Bhojpuri film catalogue in the market will further release two new web series and two new movies every month ensuring pure entertainment for all subscribers no matter when they sign in.

ORIGINAL CONTENT- Chaupal brings a new range of exciting films, produced with creativity and passion, combining the unique flavors of different communities and regions of North India and featuring our biggest stars.
      PANCHHI (FILM): (Thriller) Starring Prince Kanwaljit, Aarushi Sharma, Ahem Music
      VARDAAT (WEB SERIES): (Suspense, murder mystery, thriller) starring Ashish Duggal, Ram Aujla, Paramveer Singh, Drishti Grewal
      RANGE (WEB SERIES): (Thriller, Action, Crime) Starring Navi Bhangu, Aman Sutdher, Anita Meet, Tarsem Paul, Sherry Aggarwal
      KALA SHEHAR (FILM): (Crime, Action, Thriller) Starring Dheeraj Kumar, Mahavir Bhullar, Sanju Solanki, Karanveer Khullar
      TERI MERI NAHI NIBHNI (FILM): (Romantic Comedy) Starring Nav Bajwa, Karamjit Anmol, Naman Hanjra, Hobby Dhaliwal, Suntia Dhir
      KHICH JATTA KHICH (EPISODIC): (Comedy) Starring Soni Dhaliwal, Dilawar Sidhu, Yasmeen
      MAIN VS TU (FILM): (Family Drama) Starring Mahavir Bhullar, Sonpreet Jawandha, Arsh Hundal
      PLEASE KILL ME (FILM): (Suspense, Thriller) Starring Jagjeet Sandhu, Megha Sharma, Vikram Chauhan, Karanvir Khullar
      MALAAL (HARYANVI FILM): (Crime) Starring Yashpal Sharma, Tina Bhatia, Manoj Bhakshi, Sidharth Bhardwaj, Ravi Chauhan, Abhimanyu Yadav, Yogesh Bhardwaj, Hariom Kaushik
      LONDON IN HARYANA (HARYANVI WEB SERIES): (Family Drama, Comedy) Starring Vicky Kajla, Jagbir Rathi, Rajkumar Maan, Pargati
      LAKHMICHAND HARYANVI (HARYANVI FILM): (Romantic Comedy, Drama) Starring Pradeep Kumar fame Prince Kumar, Najmin Khan, Yogesh Bhardwaj
      CHAPPER PHADKE (HARYANVI FILM): (Comedy, Drama) Starring Ramkesh Jiwanpurwala, Anjvi Singh Hooda, Abhimanyu Yadav, Suren Savitri Sarkar, Akash Chawariya, Yogesh Bhardwaj, Hariom Kaushik
COMING SOON ON CHAUPAL: Murabba, Chandigarh Waale, Tunka Tunka, Zila Sngroor, Dustbin, Shikari, Shahi Majra, Umran Ch Ki Rakheya, Seep, Miss Tanya, Shagan………….and more.
Chaupal is the first OTT platform to launch across all markets globally. Some of its key markets include the United States of America (USA), Canada, the United Kingdom (UK), the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Mauritius, and the European Union (EU). Wherever there is internet, there is Chaupal- a destination where customers around the world will be able to enjoy their favorite category shows in the comfort of their homes.
Chaupal is the first OTT platform to have been globally published on all devices on the very first day of its launch. Key features include:
  • A video experience like no other
  • Friendly User Interface
  • AI assisted search
  • Accessible on all devices
  • Can be easily downloaded from all the mobile and TV app stores

Chaupal provides a unique video experience to consumers. The world’s most advanced video streaming technology and deep attention to quality of experience across devices and platforms, make Chaupal the most complete video destination for OTT consumers. The technology ensures that the best possible video quality is played back automatically based on the available bandwidth, therefore making a great video experience on both mobile networks and Wi-Fi internet connections. Chaupal is optimized to play UHD quality video on the top end of bandwidth availability on mobile networks. Also, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) assisted search on the platform makes it easy for viewers to quickly find the content they wish to watch. Chaupal uses a friendly user interface that helps a user discover content based on his interaction pattern with the platform.

To access Chaupal on mobiles, TVs, laptops or tablets, users may visit and explore the content of their choice.
Excited about Chaupal’s potential, India’s largest brands are partnering with us to offer benefits to our subscribers. Xiaomi and Paul Merchants are Chaupal’s key partners.
Mi’s Take on Partnership

“With Mi TV’s, our vision is to provide a unique interface for each user, and this comes to life with our dedicated focus on building PatchWall for TVs in India. Mi TVs have become India’s favourite smart TVs in no time and keeping our users in mind, we have made it our resolution to enhance the entertainment experience by providing varied content. We are proud to announce our partnership with OTT platform Chaupal which widens our rich content library for all our Punjabi, Haryanvi, and Bhojpuri users. This is the first time a global TV brand has taken the initiative to understand the power of Indian vernacular entertainment and partner with a platform to provide exclusive early access to Mi TV users. OTT platform Chaupal’s content will be deeply integrated with PatchWall enabling easy access to entertaining content and offer best in class experience to our users. With our content first approach, we will continue to work hard to build one of the most robust content libraries in India and provide a great content viewing experience to all our users.” - Eshwar Nilakantan, Category Lead, Smart TV, MI India

Sandeep Bansal on collaborating with Mi

We are excited to be partnering with a global brand as Xiaomi with a strong connection to its customers across the world. Collaborating with Xiaomi, Chaupal’s content will be deeply integrated with PatchWall enabling easy entertaining content and offers best in class experience to the users. This will be an early access program with PatchWall which will be available from August 29.


Speaking about this new initiative, Pitaara TV’s director Sandeep Bansal said, “This is a proud moment for all of us who have worked so hard for the last three years to bring Chaupal to life. Chaupal, as the name suggests, is a gathering of like-minded people who come together for a good time, so we wanted to create a platform which reminded people of their roots, where content could be watched in all the regional languages with family, or with a group of friends.”
Bansal further said, “We are not in the business of entertainment, but we are The Entertainment,” adding, “Chaupal will keep surprising its consumers with incredible storytelling and talent turning imagination into reality.”

SUBSCRIPTION DETAILS (including launch offers)
We have subscription offers for each country. In India, these are our various plans with special launch offers.

  • Personal Plan (Single screen-mobile/ tablet)Original price- ₹149 per month; offer price- ₹99 per month
  • Premium Plan (Two screens- all devices)Original price- ₹1499 per year; offer price- ₹799 per year
  • Family Plan (Three screens- all devices)Original price- ₹1999 per year; offer price- ₹999 per year

Pitaara TV is a 24-hour satellite television channel that broadcasts Punjabi movies, music programs, talk shows, showbiz news, and other Pollywood updates. Running for four years now, the channel has expanded to the United Kingdom and Canada. In the UK, it is available on Sky Channel 773 while in Canada, it is programmed on Bell Fibe TV on channel 2426. Owing to its growing popularity, Pitaraa TV is coming soon to the USA as well.

Wednesday, 1 September 2021

Pavitra Rishta 2 recent trailer: shall Ankita Lokhande and Shaheer Sheikh’s together bond- love conquest over deceit?
Pavitra Rishta 2 zee 5 show

Pavitra Rishta 2 shall see the famous Ankita Lokhande reprising her role of Archana when Shaheer Sheikh will move within the shoes of the late Sushant Singh Rajput.
After conducting television for nearly six years, the zee's one of the most popular shows Pavitra Rishta isbuilding its comeback by a new period, this course on the digital area. Even as Ankita Lokhande will berepeating the character of Archana, we would see Shaheer Sheikh in stepping within the shoes of the late Sushant Singh Rajput as playing the role of Manav in this so adored love tale. The recently released trailer of one of the trendy Ekta's shows Pavitra Rishta 2 was just dropped today, i.e. on Wednesday, andfor followers of the initial show, it is continuing to be one poignant ride. While the female lead Ankitalooks fundamental as Archana, the male lead this time as Shaheer has succeeded to grasp the simpleness of Manav's character, making them a perfect match for this season of the show.
The trailer begins with Archana stepping on the rail overpass, thinking aloud how she is OK marrying a person of her mother’s preference. On the opposite hand, Manav’s mum is on the watch for a wealthy family for her boy. She cheats Archana’s mom and family into trusting Manav being at a manager post rather than a mechanic and also owns a big house. While the couple, who appear to have really then fallen in true love for each other at the very first sight, then they get married. Although, Manav’s reality appears to prominence, heading to Archana’s family inviting off the marriage.
Pavitra Rishta 2 shaheer sheikh and Ankita Lokhande

This will be an eight-part web series- beginning from September 18 This trailer further provides an impression of how the deception leads them off, but these lovers struggle for their true relationship. So, still will their desire be enough to meet all differences? We will hold to wait and see the new series to understand more. This will be an eight-part web series. In addition, the show Pavitra Rishta 2 will get its digital premiere on the official platform of ZEE5 beginning from September 18, continued by ALTBalaji.
Ankita Lokhande – her Archana’s role was exceptional
Speaking about this new season of Pavitra Rishta, the female lead of the show, Ankita Lokhande gave the feeling that she was thankful to Ekta Kapoor and of course ZEE for the revitalization of the show and provided faith in the actress. In an utterance, the actor stated that infrequently does one proceed with a role or a show, which changes their lives entirely. Pavitra Rishta was that show for her as the affection she received from her fans and the audience for this Archana’s role was exceptional. So, how could anyone set down the possibility to reprise the character and renew the heritage of Archana? Thus, she was really eager to witness the audience’s response to the so adored Archuu character all over again.
Shaheer Sheikh –his character ‘Manav’ is the best and the earnest and for the sure is the pure part to perform While, the male lead of the show, Shaheer Sheikh also shared that it has been a roller coaster of sensations for him. From the moment the actor has proposed the role to ultimately coming on set and begin shooting with the amazing unit, it was been a problematic character to essay on screen. However, the actor would also make sure to have given it his all. In the procedure of shooting for the show, he realized that his character ‘Manav’ is the best and the earnest and for the sure is the pure part he has ever performed, and in present-day day and eternity, such a role is a rareness! Now he is only hoping that their efforts reverberate with the public.
Ekta Ravi Kapoor, the originator of the initial Pavitra Rishta
Ekta Ravi Kapoor, the originator of the initial Pavitra Rishta also added that A few shows and appearances leave a heavy impression on the public for years to reach. This epic show Pavitra Rishta was one before-mentioned show, which affected so many entities and experienced so much appreciation and good dispositions from fans beyond the world. There might not have been enough better timing to carry back the pretense and praise the bequest of it. She is pretty certain that fans will provide it as very as love and approval as they gave to the first part.
While the Directed of this show Nandita Mehra was also overwhelmed to come up again with a new beginning. Pavitra Rishta season two has been phrased and written by a group of geniuses, comprising Nikita Dhond, Gautam Hegde, and Ritu Bhatia.